La Horde - Teaser trailer

“La Horde” is an upcoming zombie flick from France. Enjoy the teaser below.

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IMDB lists the plot of “La Horde” as “an end of the world battle between gangsters, cops and zombies.”

Unfortunately I wont be able to understand anything the people say, but I think zombie is international.


World War Z Adaptation On Hold

Source: Dark Horizons

German-Swiss film maker, Marc Foster, director of Finding Neverland, Stranger than Fiction and the latest Bond entry, Quantum of Solace, recently gave an update on the progress of the World War Z movie adaptation.

Marc Foster stated the film’s script still needs a great deal of development and is “still far from realization”.

No release date has been given.


[Rec] 2 - Second Teaser Trailer

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World News: Science Won’t Stop Until We’re All (Living) Dead

After almost a year of trying scientists have finally been able to resurrect a microbe that has spent 120,000 years three kilometers deep in Greenland’s ice sheet. I’m alright with science in general but one thing that has me worried is the fact these scientists have no clue what this microorganism has the power of doing, but seem to have no problem resurrecting it. Maybe this microorganism is harmless, but what about the next thing they decide to wake up? Will these scientist stop at nothing until the zombie apocalypse is upon us? The most ironic part is the fact this research is being done in Pennsylvania. They’re just asking for trouble!

Source Article: ‘Resurrection bug’ revived after 120,000 years.


[Rec] 2 Site Goes Live

Recently the official website for [Rec] 2 launched. Content is currently at a very low minimum. A few sounds and countdown on display only.

Bookmark it and check occasionally for updates!